2. Installation instructions

2.1. How to get FSP

2.1.1. How to obtain the source distribution

There are several ways to obtain the fsp source distribution please take a look at Section 1.7

2.1.2. How to obtain a binary copy

At the moment we provide only RPM for RedHat 7.3. You can download the RPM file from the sf.net download page or from wrack.telelev.net. wrack.telelev.net provides the rpms in a apt-rpm usable way, for more information about apt-rpm and the packages on wrack.telelev.net take a look at http://sven.stormbind.net/aptrpm/ If you're running other rpm based distributions you can try to rebuild the source rpms.

2.2. How to compile the source code

After download you should be able to unpack the source tarball, change into the source directory and use ./configure make su make install