4. How to use the fsp client tools

For accessing FSP server, you need to use programs which supports FSP v2 protocol. There are several programs available today.

4.1. The fsp tool collection

Classic command line interfacing with FSP server is via client utilities found in basic distribution. Because FSP protocol do not uses connections, there is no central command line interpreter like found in ftp, because it is not needed. Information about current remote server address and remote working directory is kept in several environment variables. See manual page fsp_env for more info.

Fsp client commands are started from normal shell interpreter. Because most commands does remote globing which can not be done by your local shell, you will need to turn globing in your shell off or use one of prepared shell aliases. In distribution you will find setup.sh and setup.csh shell scripts. These scripts must be sourced (not executed) by your current shell.

Fsp commands names follows unix standard with f prepended. For example: fcd, fpwd, fls. Files are transfered by fget/fput commands.

4.2. fspclient

FSP Client is FTP-like interface for FSP. It look exactly like classic FTP does, but uses different transfer protocol. People usually find this program easier to use that multiple client programs in FSP protocol suite. If you are at least somewhat familiar with command line FTP and want to try FSP, this program is right for you.

The old, real hackers prefers Section 4.1, because fspclient is just 'fsp for lamah'.

FSP client homepage is http://fspclient.sourceforge.net.

4.3. FSP PROXY: Using FSP in browser

If you want a GUI, the easiest way is to use FSP directly from your web browser. This is recommended method for using FSP by standard BFU users. They can handle web browser well -- no extra education is necessary.

You need to download and install FSP Java LIB and Proxy server. Read included docs for install instructions.

4.4. Download Machine

Download Machine is non interactive, non graphical, batch download manager. Tired of GUI Download managers and mouse clicking? Then Download Machine is just for YOU!

Download Machine is written in portable Java 1.1 code and supports HTTP, FTP and FSP protocols.

4.5. FSP Win32 Suite

Special, easy to use, starting suite targeted at common Windows users. Suite contains 3 valueable items: Easy to use fsp server (works without configration file), windows version of fspclient and Lamah starting guide to FSP.

This package is downloadable from Source Forge and requires cygwin dll library not included in the package.