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What is FSP

FSP stands for File Service Protocol. It is a very lightweight UDP based protocol for transferring files. FSP has many benefits over FTP, mainly for running anonymous archives. FSP protocol is valuable in all kinds of environments because it is one of the only TCP/IP protocols that is not aggressive about bandwidth, while still being highly fault tolerant.

FSP is what anonymous FTP *should* be

FSP: reliable and bandwidth friendly way to access publicly available data. Some people calls it UDP FTP.

Run FSP Sever!

Biggest help what you can do for FSP Project is to run a fspd server yourself. fspd is a very light service and it can operate from inetd. See Server configuration entry in FAQ. We will happily advertise your server on our pages.

... and join us!

Programmers, please consider to Join FSP project! - We have a lot of things on TODO list.

You can also help with testing of FSP beta codebase. Our current goal is to have stable version out as fast as possible. Direct your input about problems found to the fsp-users mailing list. Also try to compile at all available machines.

New FSP Servers

There is a new FSP server running on standard port 21. stuff on there: FSP sources.

Security info

FSP library older than 0.9 has overflow bug. See security page for more information.

Latest software

FSP 2.8.1 Beta 27 - 9-Sep-2014
FSP C Library 0.12 - 9-Sep-2014
Win32-FSP 2005.03 - 03-Mar-2005
FSP Client 0.93.0 - 15-Sep-2009
FSP proxy 0.8 - 30-Oct-2009
Java FSP library 1.0rc8 - 01-Oct-2009
Download Machine 0.23 - 27-Oct-2009
FSP FAQ 0.2 - 03-Jan-2005


9-Sep-2014: FSP 2.8.1 Beta 27 released. Bugfix release, fixed some compilation problems on modern systems and few bugs found by Clang. Cleaned web pages, removed some old links, added wikipedia link. Added few FSP quotes from Slashdot. FSP C Library 0.12 released too, build system update, no code changes,

30-Oct-2009: FSP Proxy 0.8 released

20-Oct-2009: FSP Project Maven 2 repository is http://fsp.sourceforge.net/m2 Currently only jfsplib is there but other projects will be added later.

01-Oct-2009: FSP suite 2.8.1 beta 26 released. Major bugfix version. It fixed segfault in FSP command line clients on newer Linux glibc, large file support is now correctly detected on linux systems, upload handling is now much smarter - it allows reupload last block and non continuous upload check was improved. Overwriting check for uploaded files was reversed by mistake, added protocol support for sending error codes (requested a lot), previously FSP protocol supported only text error message. Code portability increased by avoiding configure time checks for int and long variable sizes. fsetupcmd have new -l switch for listing known fsp servers.

01-Oct-2009: Java FSP library 1.0rc8 release. It fixed URLStreamHandler which was not hooked properly and added bunch of methods to URLConnection, infinite timeouts added. Added locking system for synchronizing multiple writers in FSPsession.

20-Sep-2009: Java FSP library improved a lot. Now it comes with WRITE support. Get 1.0 rc7 here

16-Sep-2009: Historic FSP releases added to Sourceforge release system. Wanted to see FSP 1.0? we have it.

15-Sep-2009: New FSP server 21 (not 24h/day online) with FSP source code. I hope it will be usefull for testing.

13-Sep-2009: Java FSP library have now own Ohloh page.

10-Sep-2009: After more than 4 years new release of fsp server and clients is finally available. Lot of fixes, GNU autotools build system was replaced by SCons, rmdir bug fixed, FSP now uses larger packet sizes by default so it should be bit faster. We also got new more user friendly Bug Tracker.

13-Jun-2009: FSPLIB 0.11 released, SCons build system fixed. Library name is now libfsplib.a as it used to be in libtool days and shared library can now be build. This fsplib release is based on work and bug report from Ahmed El-Mahmoudy, Debian fsplib maintainer.

13-Jun-2009: Elinks browser added to Software with FSP support page. We got 2 bugfixes to fsplib from these folks.

11-Jun-2009: FSPLIB 0.10 released, minor bugfix version.

08-Jul-2009: Version control System switched from old CVS to new modern version control system Bazaar.

23-Jul-2007: 3 possible buffer overflows in FSPlib fixed. See changelog for more info. They can be exploited by FSP server by sending strings without terminating \0. Reported by Kalle Olavi Niemitalo.

06-Mar-2007: Fixed links to CVS repository browsing, also new FSP tarball will be out soon.

20-Feb-2006: Security bugfix of FSP C Library 0.8, found by David Binderman.

25-Jul-2005: Very minor bugfix of FSP C Library 0.7, missing headers added to fsplib.h.

24-Jul-2005: New FSP server is available on port 21. It is on DSL link and not 24/7 online and new FSP Client 0.91 is out.

17-May-2005: Let me (Radim Kolar) know if you are willing to sponsor (or write) development of FSP plugin for Mozilla. Writing this plugin requires just to wrap fsplib into Mozilla plugin system.

14-Apr-2005: FSP in Debian was finally updated to beta 24. This version can cleanly boot Etherboot clients.

03-Apr-2005: Etherboot production version 5.4.0 with FSP support released.

18-Mar-2005: CVS version of Etherboot supports booting via FSP protocol. At least fspd beta 23 is needed. Booting via FSP is much better (more reliable) then TFTP if you have medium to large sized network.

03-Mar-2005: Win32-FSP 2005.03 - major bug fixes merged into cygwin build.

25-Feb-2005: Download Machine 0.22 - internal FSP stack updated to jfsplib 1.0rc6, added scons build framework.

25-Feb-2005: FSP Client 0.90.0 - Network security improved, directory listing bug fixed, fixed debug output.

24-Feb-2005: Java FSP library 1.0rc6 - Network security of FSP protocol improved.

19-Feb-2005: FSP 2.8.1 Beta 24 - Major bugfix version. Fixed incorrect sending of large packets to old FSP clients, fixed parsing of directory listings. Added more security checks on received packets by client. This version can be build also by SCons configuration framework.

19-Feb-2005: FSP C Library 0.6 - improved network security of protocol. Added more checks on received packets. Fixed typo in configure.ac

Older news items are archived.