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Archived News items

14-Feb-2005: FSP C Library 0.5 - fixed compilation problem on MAC OS X.

12-Feb-2005: Beta 23 fspd has a major bug in packet sending engine. It sends big packets to old clients. As a workaround you should not set packetsize bigger than 1024! if you are serving old FSP clients or applications based of fsplib or javalib.

10-Feb-2005: FSP C Library 0.4 - fixed compilation problems on some systems. IRIX and SUN OS notably. gftp with FSP protocol support is out!

21-Jan-2005: FSP C Library 0.3 - scons build system fixed, removed one GCC warning, FSP 2.8.1 Beta 23 official release.

14-Jan-2005: FSP 2.8.1 beta 23 released. This release has a lot of Changes, see Changelog for details. Because SF.NET is out of diskspace these days, new beta is downloadable from fsp://hxt.homelinux.org:2221/fsp/fsp-2.8.1b23.tar.bz2

05-Jan-2005: Large packet technology implemented in FSP Client 0.0.10 and Win32-FSP 2005.01.


  1. New testing code committed into CVS. Major changes are: Larger packets (FSP can go faster) and retry alg. was tuned for czfree PLR compatible networks.
  2. New FSP FAQ updated to version 0.2.
  3. FSP support for gftp is now in testing stage. You can get FSP-Support patch here.
  4. FSP C Library 0.2. This version works.

30-Dec-2004: FSP C Library 0.1 - First public release of small and nice FSP C library. Do not works due to incorrect pointer code. Grab CVS version or wait for fixed release.

21-Dec-2004: FSPD 2.8.1 Beta 22 - "Happy X-Mas" FSP release! Highlights: Old infinite retry mode in clients is back ./configure --disable-timeout. Rename command redesigned, new nice semop+shmem locking mode in clients, minor wire protocol changes and new FAQ 0.1.

20-Dec-2004: FSP client 0.0.9. First stable version. Shared memory was incorrectly detected by configure, changed locking to be fully compatible with fsp 2.8.1 beta 22, send BYE command to server on exit, setpro and rename commands updated to match latest specification of FSP v2. Upload timestamping now supported.

20-Dec-2004: FSP proxy 0.7 - is out!
Directory listings are now nice in apache-like style with file size and last modification time. FSP timeout increased from 30 to 500 sec, ftp:// url is accepted as alias for fsp://, send 502 not 401 on failed directory listing because we do not supports FSP passwords. Anybody uses them?

17-Dec-2004: After more than one year making, first public release of new FSP faq is available. FSP FAQ 0.1

29-Nov-2004: FSP Client 0.0.8 released . Support for new Rename command, codebase cleanup.

1-Nov-2004: FSP server and clients updated to FSPD 2.8.1 Beta 21 are available for download.

1-Nov-2004: Java stuff updated again. The shining new JFSP Proxy has now full support for HTTP/1.1 Ranges: header. In short: resuming of downloads now works. This new function needs the latest 1.0rc5 version of Javalib, so grab it also. Here are direct download links: FSP proxy 0.6, Java FSP library 1.0rc5.

Major news item: Win32 binaries are available! A shining new Win32-FSP 2004.10 package includes FSP server, FSP client and lamer starting guide. Everything builds for Windows by Cygwin.

Java-related stuff updated: FSP proxy 0.5 can now load user-configured mime.types and Javalib 1.0rc4 supports server-side checksuming of FSP packets. You can use this library for writing fsp server now. This should be the last release candidate unless some bugs are found.

FSP Client 0.0.7 compiles and runs on BSD systems. You need to get CVS version for gcc-3.4 compile fix.

Javalib 1.0rc2 features .jar distribution and First technology demo version of FSProxy.

New FSP - related product available: FSP proxy.

Added some old FSP stuff. Look at file dates before complains, if you have interest in something, report it to mailing list. We are looking for FSP repeater with filename fsprep0.1.tar.Z.

Added pages for FSP protocol libraries which are about to be released sometimes: C FSP Lib and PyFSP. There are no downloads available, but you can get snapshot from CVS.

New developer dairiki has joined FSP Coders team. Dairiki works on PyFSP.

Webalizer FSP wrack server stats are available.

Jfsplib 1.0rc1 - released Dec 19 2003. Support system-wide installation more easily, testsuite separated from code, supports long directory listings.

Added information about tunneling HTTP in FSP to task page.

FSP Client 0.0.6 - released 17-Dec-2003. New dir command, misc. fixes.

FSP 2.8.1 b18 released 25-Nov-2003. This version includes major bugfix in path parser and is required for applications which are using java fsp library. Test suite (make check) is first introduced in this release.

First public version of Java FSP library released 25-Nov-2003. You can download it from SF.net mirror network.

New pages: for testers, team, tasks, Java library, suite.

New Download Machine 0.19 released 22-Nov-2003 supports FSP protocol. You need beta 18 version of fspd for that.